Sports Ftw (Sports FTW) is a news and content aggregator that delivers high-quality, engaging sports news to sports fans and followers all over the globe. With over 10,000 unique visitors per week, Sports FTW takes fresh sports content and innovative reporting techniques to the next level of sports reporting.

Company Overview

Sports FTW was founded in 2008 as a sports RSS feed website, delivering headlines from popular news sources such as NFL and Today, Sports FTW sources its own content to deliver to tens of thousands of readers from all over the world. Sports FTW employs over 12 writers and editors located all throughout the United States and Canada, covering all sports news from Football to Hockey.

Our Platform

Designed with accessibility in mind, is available on over 12 different mobile platforms. The majority of our traffic comes from desktop and mobile users. With a dedicated Twitter team (@Sports_FTW), and a Facebook page coming soon, we aim to engage our readers through honest, straightforward reporting methods without the invasive ads and pop-ups that similar sites incorporate. It’s what sets us part as a company, and as sports fans.