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Apple CEO Tim Cook vows to donate entire fortune to Duke basketball team

tim cook donated fortune

Cupertino, CA – A bizarre and uncharacteristic move occurred today from current Apple CEO Tim Cook, where Cook vowed he would donate his entire fortune to the Duke college basketball team if they win the March Madness basketball tournament. Tim Cook, who has been the CEO of Apple since the death of Steve Jobs, currently has an estimated net worth of $785 million dollars. Cook had previously declared that the fortune would go towards philanthropic charities and support groups, however after Dukes’ win against Gonzaga Sunday afternoon Cook declared that the entirety of his fortune would go to towards the players on the Duke team. Tim Cook, an alumni from Duke University, has been a vocal and diehard fan since graduating from Fuqua’s Evening Executive MBA program in 1988.

If split evenly between the 18 member of the current roster, each member of the Duke basketball team would receive over $43 million dollars. Tim Cook spoke to reporters outside the Apple headquarters this afternoon about the surprise announcement; “I firmly believe that the Duke team will be able to use the fortune much more effectively than the charities I had originally planned to support. It’s clear to me that a chrome Lamborghini is a more sound purchase than, for example, malaria medicine and emergency surgery for underprivileged children.” The press conference was unfortunately cut short after Tim Cook began hurling multiple iPhones at a reporter who was filming the press conference on her Samsung Note.