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Donald Trump challenges John McCain to bare-knuckle boxing match


New York City, NY – Donald Trump made headlines in the past week after calling out John McCain for his service in the military and his prisoner of war experience, stating that the only reason McCain is known is because he served as a prisoner of war. But Trump may have upped the ante even more after his announcement this Saturday, which challenges John McCain to a “all-out, anything goes bare-knuckle boxing match” to be situated on the roof of Trump Towers located in the heart of New York City. Trump stated that “the winner will walk home knowing that they are without a doubt a true fighting champion” and that it should “put to rest any rumors that McCain is apparently better than me in any way”.

donald trump insult

Trump has also posted a series of vulgar tweets on Twitter directed towards the current senator and presidential hopeful that have since been deleted, including “1v1 me f*****” and “hope you are ready to eat my toupee-color fists”. As of early this afternoon there has not been an official response from McCain or his spokesperson.

  • mreichard7

    Used to admire Trump though not so much right now. He’s beginning to sound like a foul-mouthed bully.
    IMO McCain, like dozens of other career politicians, should retire; however, there is no need to bash him with disrespect and falsification of his military career.

    • OpFor

      I really hope you’re aware that this is a satirical blog and nothing is even remotely truthful in any of these articles.

      • Nigel Covington

        That’s shameless of you to pass along a bunch of half rumors, innuendoes, girl’s room gossip and baseless lies about this fine Sport’s news sites mamm. And how dare you make such a reckless claim stating this is a “satirical blog” without citing a single source. What kind of a young woman, or dried up, barren, useless old skank (should that apply better,) are you? What would you know about sport’s anyway? We don’t know you. You could be some kind of dangerous, foul heathen masturbator who escaped from some psycho ward whose off her meds for any of us here knows. Next time I suggest a few minutes of research which will at the very least make you show up on the outer fringes of other people’s radar screen. And thanks for leaving your comment.

        • nica28

          Nigel cobvibgton U taking this shy to the Hart dude it’s just a comment and fickle trup

    • Chris

      why on earth did you admire him? He’s a national embarassment…

    • Nigel Covington

      No sir,
      That right there plain & simple is Trump’s arrogance, an arrogance that only money can buy. After reading this piece I, for the first time have paid attention to Trump. This could get fun. Its nice to have an endless supply of F.U. money.

  • Haaa! The headline alone is funny!