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Drunken Roger Federer arrested for vandalizing ATP offices

federer arrest

London, United KingdomRoger Federer was arrested on multiple charges including vandalism and trespassing after apparently going on a drunken rampage and breaking into the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) offices late last night. Damage was estimated at approximately $30,000, with multiple 20-foot windows shattered at the front and rear entrance of the building. Federer was reported to have scaled a 10-foot retaining wall wearing nothing but a tennis headband and gym shorts. Security footage released to media outlets shows Federer hurling small to medium sized stones at the front of the building before running through a shattered window into the main lobby and destroying furniture with a tennis racket.

The ATP office headquarters tally up the worldwide ranking of all professional tennis players. Roger Federer was recently downgraded to the #2 spot after losing the US Open Finals against Novak Djokovic (currently rank #1) just hours before. A spokesperson for Mr. Federer was not immediately available to comment, but the ATP released the following statement shortly after the incident:

We are incredibly disappointed and confused as to why Mr. Federer chose to perform these actions tonight, but are sure his lack of judgement was merely an oversight and most likely due to stress originating from the match played earlier today. We wish him a quick and speedy recovery.

-ATP Public Spokesman

Bystanders noted that Federer was screaming obscenities directed towards the ATP while being led away from the building including a threat to “curb-stomp the moron who thought it would be hilarious to issue me a number two rank”. Federer was booked at a local police station with a 0.22 BAC and then quickly released to medical staff to check for mental stability. He remains at an undisclosed private medical facility located on the outskirts of London.

The ATP stated they have no plans to press charges at this time.